Tuesday, April 17, 2007

President's Hotel, Jayanagar

"The President Hotel" is a contemporary and world class hotel offering a truly international experience. It also has some lodging facilities too.
This acclaimed Hotel occupies the quiet environs of Jayanagar in South Bangalore with the IT areas and shopping mall in proximity.

"Gufha" and "Isys" are the two legendary restaurants here!
In one week, I visited both of these restaurants for lunch with my team.
Gufha was the first one that we visited out of the two. "Gufha" with its cave-like interiors, transports the diner to faraway exotic cultures and in doing so provides the quintessential North West Frontier cuisine, coupled with gracious hospitality. The servers and attendants in this restaurant are dressed as African Hunters! With models of creatures like scorpion, owls,eagles, bee hives etc all around, it makes your dining experience special..

Next in the line was Isys. "Isys" is the very essence of new age dining. Sleek furniture and interiors come alive with thoughtful task lighting and an age old commitment: top grade service. Diners will delight in the blue backlit flooring providing among other things, the perfect romantic interlude.

Ofcourse, all this comes with an extra charge! I sometimes wonder how well people make good money by showing the same old things in a more fancy way! But as time changes, even trends change!

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Kiran said...

Nice write up about both the hotels...