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Maja Maadi - Marching front

Hi all,
The maja maadi forum started by me before a month has been marching successfully with more than 350 members now.
As on 2nd July,
Our users have posted a total of 351 articles
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Savi Savi Nenapu - Songs with a difference

Savi Savi Nenapu Songs - Songs with substance!

First time I heard 2-3 songs of Savi Savi Nenapu kannada movie, I knew these songs would be a hit. The songs are much of my taste. I really loved it. Today was the second time I listened to them. Songs are really melodious. R.P.Patnaik has again given a very melodious album full of super songs for this movie.

Hope you all also like it. What? Do u also want to listen to it right now?? Ok.. Listen to it here.
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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Film Festival @ HOME !

Hi Friends,
Iam planning for a personal FILM FESTIVAL @ my HOME.
Wondering what i mean?
Listen, We have many movies in our mind which were actually outstanding in terms of story or Quality of production or Screenplay or the name it made. We can shortlist some movies falling under this category and present it on the big Screen @ Home. Please type in the list of movies that you would like to see in this PERSONAL FILM FESTIVAL. Iam planning to have this once every month during a weekend.
People need to volunteer for getting these items on RENT for a day:
2) WHITE SCREEN (we can also adjust with a white wall ! )
(P.S: Cost of the RENT of the Digital projector for that day will be shared amongst the people who watch the movie)
Alcoholic Drinks, Smoking not allowed inside.

Per session, there will be 3 movies screened of different languages.

Please post your comments about this idea and also some list of movies.
P.S: Dont forget to volunteer for the above 2 points mentioned!

Thanks, Eagerly waiting....
Abhishek S N



Forget about the cricket scam! If the Indian Government would legalize betting, not only it would lessen scams, but it would also reap huge profits. Most of the black money, cheating, smuggling happening in India, is triggered by obsolete laws enacted by Nehru, which were meant to tax the rich to benefit the poor, but which in the end made the rich richer (with black money) and the poor poorer (with white money).

But to come back to cricket, think of it thus: here is a game which is a colonial legacy of the British. It is meant to be played in a cool weather on a green English meadow with a few spectators who shout “jolly good” from time to time, while sipping lemonade. It is not a game meant for a tropical country where you stand for hours under a blistering sun with frenzied fans screaming their approval or displeasure. Cricket has become an obsession in India

But above all, cricket has totally vampirized all the other sports in India. There is so much money that sponsors, televisions and even the Government has concentrated only on cricket at the expense of all the other sports. For the truth is that India is nowhere on the international area of sports and its standard is pathetic if not ridiculous in all sports except for another two British legacies: tennis and hockey. But look at China, in the early eighties it also could not compete in any discipline, bare table tennis, but in a span of thirty years, it has become a sports superpower in all areas, even in some where its does such as swimming.

Why can’t India, the country which gave to the world hata-yoga, which has been copied the world over, or even pranayama which is now spreading like wildfire all over the planet, have a coherent and comprehensive program which would build world-class athletes in two decades?

Because of cricket! And it is so unfair, athletes such as long distance runners will train in miserable conditions, get a pittance as sponsorship and often have to work full or part time in some obscure Government jobs. Compare this to cricketers who are often spoilt brats, who stay in five star hotels, get millions of rupees in sponsorship and advertisement, are often arrogant and. still manage to lose most of the time!

The INDIAN Government should restrict the number of international matches played by Indian cricketers happening both within and outside India. This will ensure automatically that cricketers get less sponsorship and have to concentrate on home turf. And it should evolve a bold and clear plan for developing other sports, trying as much as possible to bypass bureaucracy who stifle and kill all the good plans (it would maybe make sense to privatize some of the areas such as training). The only will India become a superpower ports. It has the manpower in sports and cricket takes its just place as just another sports where Indian excel.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Revolutionary Chat on gTalk

3:59 PM me: which is ur fav
TV channel
name 3 of them
shrikanth.uvce: er why? i don't get to watch tv these days
me: OK...
4:00 PM If u had the option to watch 3 TV channels on ur computer
shrikanth.uvce: i don't watch even when i'm at home
me: what were they
4:01 PM shrikanth.uvce: well....maybe espn/star if a cricket match is going on
bbc world
me: Ok...
will be there on my website
shrikanth.uvce: ndtv, cnbc, udaya, sun for timepass
me: CNBC
is also there on my website
from today
4:02 PM shrikanth.uvce: wow
man...your website is awesome
4:03 PM who is hosting it
must be a headache hosting it what with all the pics/videos
me: :D
ha ha
See this link once
iam not streaming them but
4:05 PM how is it
shrikanth.uvce: aah
how on earth did you manage it
me: manage what
4:06 PM shrikanth.uvce: as in....there must have been some bureaucratic hurdles in the way rt?
me: hmmm!
4:07 PM Aim is to get resources
Keep doing something to acheive
is the one liner
shrikanth.uvce: tell me what all you did...step wise
me: Regarding what
shrikanth.uvce: you didn't have to take cnbc's permission?
4:08 PM me: NOPE
Regarding these 4 TV channels on this page
its not on my site
shrikanth.uvce: yes
me: Iam not streaming them
shrikanth.uvce: awww...
thought it's yours
me: Nope these 4 are not mine
4:09 PM Actually,
I got threatening calls regarding something else 2 days back
I exposed a big bribery case exclusively
on my blog
I was threatened badly and people made me remove the hot item from my Blog ! :(
4:10 PM shrikanth.uvce: oh
reading your blog
me: It was against
Karnataka Rakshana Vedike
shrikanth.uvce: what's the big deal about rajnikanth and this new film of his
are you a fan of his?:
me: Nope
Iam not a fan of anyone
4:11 PM I may be a fan of the characters played
by those actors :)
but nothing much with Rajni
Shivaji is the costliest movie in India
It involves 2 Big Guns
shrikanth.uvce: i haven't watched too many tamil movies....but from whatever little I've seen, kamal haasan is a far superior artiste
me: 1)Rajnikanth
4:12 PM 2)
Rajnikanth has the best mass appeal
than anyperson in the WORLD
shrikanth.uvce: well yes...the tamil audiences lack taste
me: u cant think of any person
who can make
billion people
stand behind him
4:13 PM in a day
The movie seems to be good
as my friends told
shrikanth.uvce: what abt this scam you exposed
me: IN PVR, it was mad rush... Beleive it or not ..
only on the 3rd floor
PVR, there were
4:14 PM 2400 people
can u imagine
shrikanth.uvce: yyes...not denying the mass appeal...but i don't think he's the best actor in tamilnadu
me: best actor or not
is a different matter all together
The kind of roles
he does
is important of people
4:15 PM Nowadays kamal is not doing serious roles.. he is only doing comedy
and more over even during his old days, he used to do a common man's role... natural roles
shrikanth.uvce: his comedies are awesome...though i've seen just one
me: But Rajni was never like that.. he did movies which appealed to the mass.. he always made some styles which attracted common people
4:16 PM he always played a character who would be poor
but honest
but the strongest when he
opposes a wealthy villan
not very natural roles, ofcourse
shrikanth.uvce: what abt this scam of KRV?
4:17 PM me: Oh that one.. will tell u.. actually before the release of Shivaji,
due to the cau very verdict injustice and other things
KRV was
always protesting against the release of shivaji in karnataka
4:18 PM they threatened all theatre owners to burn the theatres if at all they released it
in front of the public and police
etc etc.. they were always in news for this
With this,
before a week They said
"WE will allow only 4 REELs to be released in bangalore"
4:19 PM Even though I thought of a scam involved here due to the change of decision, i thought it was due to unavoidable circumstance as there are too many rajni fans here
so with 4 REELS only 5-6 theatres could manage to show that movie
4:20 PM 5-6 theatre names were announced.. in all posters
The day before shivaji was released, i got to know 11 theatres are giving tickets for shivaji movie
I was too much confised
4:21 PM bcoz KRV had told they would sieze any extra REEL other than those 4 !! how could
they manage to show it on 11 theatres antha!
Then after much enquiry
4:23 PM I guessed that
KRV had taken bribe in crores before to allow 4 REELS
and now to allow 4 more REELS they again took some bribe to keep quiet and not attack theatres
4:24 PM NOW the no. of theatres are 14
and it would be 17 from tmrw showing SHIVAJI in
When kannada film industry is suffering from less theares,
these people came front to avoid shivaji movie taking all theatres..
After that they just created a hype around themselves.. which made
4:25 PM shrikanth.uvce: hypocrites
me: the theatre owners and
Distrubutors bribe
GOT bribed

I wrote explained this SCAM
with proof
4:26 PM which theatre.. how much exactly
shrikanth.uvce: i personally am against any regulation....whether a theatre screens a movie or not should be solely determined by the law of demand and supply
me: So I got threatening calls
Thats not the point...
Whether they screen something or not
screen .. is not the problem
-- these people used the sentiments
4:27 PM and came forward saying that
shrikanth.uvce: yep i know
me: they will fight for kannada
and created a sort of temp. hype that they would destroy theatres
so they had to bribe them to keep them silent
shrikanth.uvce: hmm
4:28 PM will this film recover the investment?
me: Regarding Demand, Supply --> , people should be made to follow certain regulations
or else
society will turn in to a beast
in bangalore, people are turning more western,...
this makes people like western, north indian movies
4:29 PM If u start giving 100% theatres just bcoz they like it that way
how can we improve the quality of kannada stuff?
There should always be measures taken
to balance between things
It should not be STRICT and PURE
demand supply concept
"They keep liking what they like today.. forver"
shrikanth.uvce: is like this - south indian movies tend to be formulaic, good vs evil type stories unlike bollywood and hollywood where there is more variety on offer
me: thats wrong
4:31 PM shrikanth.uvce: ofcourse there are exceptions
i am referring to a typical south indian flick
me: Bollywood is a junk industry
the percentage of this junkness is higher than
kannada industry
none of the hindi movies have become hits
past 2 years
They do MOVIES only for
people in London, etc etc will watch the movie
4:32 PM not local people in Mumbai
shrikanth.uvce: correct. but that is because a bollywood flick can target a huge indian upper middle class market worldwide since they are in hindi
4:33 PM me: Anyway this statement is not completely true.. they have exceptions.. But the overall picture is this... When i spoke abt Demand and supply.. I mean that it should have some regulations around it
shrikanth.uvce: whereas a kannada or a tamil movie is targeted at the aam admi
because of the language constraint
me: people should not be allowed to do anything to make money
4:34 PM law amendment must be done regularly
4:35 PM shrikanth.uvce: law amendments cannot alter the taste. i think the onus is on the vernacular film industries to explore a wider range of themes
me: Man....
say there are 10 Lakhs
people who like kannada movies
4:36 PM (thats a very low number.. but just for simplicity)
shrikanth.uvce: there is a huge kannada diaspora across the world remember
me: and the the population is only 10L
at that time all theatres will be showing only kannada movies
If another 10 L people come in
to the state who like something else
4:37 PM 50% ofthose theatres will definitely show that thing
if another 10L people of diffr taste come in
shrikanth.uvce: yyes...but that is the case only in blore
me: there will be no chance for kannada movies
to be screened
no wya
4:38 PM that 10 L people still exist
What should the govt, do to protect their
THAT is the only alternative
shrikanth.uvce: yyes...but the kannada films are still being screened rt? anyway, the kannada and the hindi films target different market segments
4:39 PM there is no overlap
me: kannad movie stil being screened and beocme 100days hits
only becoz of
and not anything else
shrikanth.uvce: what are the existing regulations
me: its getting opp. only bcoz of those existing regulations
one simple example of that regualtion is that
4:40 PM "If at all a Multiplex is started,
40% of the time a
Kannada movies should be screened"
by doing this, the amnt of tax will be subsidised
4:41 PM Or else u have to pay full tax
No theatre in Gandhinagar area can screen a tamil/telugu movie
they can screen only 1 Hindi movie in a year
4:42 PM and theatres which screen 100% kannada movies will get
tax subsidised
The GOVT. should pay that part of the tax which it subsidised for PROTECTING others' interests
4:44 PM shrikanth.uvce: see....i do not think these regulations are too helpful. the good kannada films will still do well in their absence... first of all, there arent too many multiplexes in karnataka...even the ones that exist will definitely screen the good kannada movies in the absence of the 40% regulation. Also, i dont think it is economically feasible to release a tam film in gandhinagar, bgudi area which is kannada dominated
me: NO MAN.. if u dont regulate
the poeple will change
the trend
if one person try to screen a tamil movie
in gnagar,
4:45 PM then people will defn come to watch it there
No doubt...
and regarding multiplexes.. there are IT people who dont like to watch a movie in a local theatre
even if they are interested in watching a
kannada movie, they wont bcoz a multiplex is not showing it
4:46 PM and lastly.. answetr to ur statement which said,
good kannada movies will anyway do good
........... this is only if they get
oppurtunity to showcase themselves...
a good work comes only if there is a good motivation
4:47 PM if the the situation is such that,
u are in doubt as to how
many theatres ur movie will be screened
then it doesnt result in a good piece
BCOZ its a teamwork presentation!!
and to get oppurtunity,
4:48 PM REGULATIONs are a must due to the attack of
other langs.
shrikanth.uvce: but i still feel this is a bangalore centric discussion
me: Its not bcoz kannada is not able to compete with other langs,
its only bcoz of that
10 L to 20 L ratio
shrikanth.uvce: kannada films are still well placed in other cities
4:49 PM me: that i explained
NO man
if u go to kolar
and other cities
they wil lwatch only telugu,
telugu peopl ehave acquired those lands
and if u go to
belgaum, there iwll be only hindi speaking people
4:50 PM kannada movies will not be released there also
In mangalore, market is not too good
4:51 PM Only by imposing a regulation that a movie theatre in belgaum should screen a kannada movie,
we can ensure kannada people in belgaum
get to see kan movies in theatrees
4:52 PM ...... but karnataka govt. in the same way will always be thinking to safegaurd the interests of people from chennai and other states who come here
thats not the case with chennai govt.
A film like Miungau MAle
has not got even 1 theatre in chennai
despite there are lots and lots of kannadigas waiting to watch it!!
shrikanth.uvce: well, but the mkt is too small in chennai
4:53 PM for kannada films
4:54 PM me: no
People hjave forgotten kannada
bcoz of the govt. there
so if u release a kannada movie today there, kannada people might not turn up in huge nos
but Iam sure Mungaru male can make even tamilians
4:55 PM go to theatres
shrikanth.uvce: yep...surely deserves 1 theatre
me: But people there are just thinking abt themselves
and pepole here are
taking bribes to
let thier movies make huge profit here
4:56 PM Kannadigas are going to Rajnikanth movie not becoz kannada movies are bad.. its only bcoz they were shown other rajni movies in theatres in karnataka itself.. which has made Rajni's market strong even in nanglore
4:57 PM shrikanth.uvce: i think it is just that the market for his films is huge here...esp in east bangalore
me: How can it bcome great automatically
its only bcoz of the govt...
4:58 PM News of Mungaru male never reached TN local
News of any other small TAMIL movie is let in to the Local bangalore
There is some time
till i enter into this industry
Let it go on till then!
4:59 PM shrikanth.uvce: the fact is that karnataka state as a whole is way too cosmopolitan for historical fault of the govt per se
me: Govt. can change anything

5:00 PM shrikanth.uvce: tams in blore, telugu guys in kolar, marathi pop in belgaum.....this has been the reality for ages
for centuries if i may say so
me: If karnataka govt. had not got a regulation saying, OTHER language movies should not be dubbed to kannada, then pople would have started dubbing all these big movies in kannada also they are done in tamil and telugu... KAnnada poeple are rela lazy. they would have made money only by this... After some time
nativity would have been lost
and EVEN if u get a OWN movie out,
people wont care to watch it, as they would be adjusted to
5:02 PM DUBBed movies of other langs.
shrikanth.uvce: so you're against dubbing?
me: Yes
Iam against it
U do a remake..
But not Dubb
thats foolishness
5:03 PM Cinema is an ART
and some businees
it should not be 100% business
5:04 PM shrikanth.uvce: i think dubbing isn't a bad idea. you'd rather watch this 'sivaji' movie in kannada than in tamil.:D it exposes the film going public to a wider range of movies.....raises expectations from the kannada film industry and will eventually improve the overall standards
most tamil hits are dubbed into telugu i think
5:05 PM and i'd like to think the telugu industry is better off because of it
me: ha ha.. thats a joke...
telugu industry is better off bcoz of the govt. which doesnt
5:06 PM give what people really want and change their trend to
how they want ti
*it to be
whenever I say govt. , I dont mean any political party etc.. I only mean the NATIVE PUBLIC of that area
5:07 PM shrikanth.uvce: hmm
5:08 PM me: karnataka has allowed to give what northy needs.
what tamilians need
what telugites need
shrikanth.uvce: you're a hard man to argue with. but i think we'll have to live with this. take for instance britain. i don't think there is a market for british made movies there owing to the dominance of hollywood
this happens everywhere
5:09 PM me: Thats the point...
We shudnt live with it
We are making this happen and we can change
how we want it to be
bcoz its out country
5:10 PM And that wont happen without REAL NEGATIVE politics played against
the public for a positive purpose
and Iam gonna show how you do it very soon!
5:11 PM Its just like how we fight and compromise in JOINT FAMILY inside our HOME
shrikanth.uvce: i've an abt making kannada films with a bit of telugu, tamil, tulu, konkani thrown in....there's a huge market which understands 2 of these kan& tulu, kan&tamil
5:12 PM me: That will hurt the sentiments of some ultra sentimental fools and we will be thrown in ditches
the next day!
I bet!
shrikanth.uvce: but you agree it is a good idea?
5:13 PM me: Good idea means what..?? cause for getting thrown to ditches!?
shrikanth.uvce: i mean...if there was no opposition
me: :D
There is opposition boss... thats the point.. u can compete with that.. u need them !!
so thats a bad idea
5:14 PM But it will be a good idea
when u
play some poltics and bring in another
5:15 PM sentiment as a reason
for it
But it cant survive for long.. the trend will collapse
5:16 PM Give some conclusion
lets end it here! :D
5:18 PM shrikanth.uvce: I'm still sceptical of regulations. this is a cross that the locals have to bear. After all, the state has benefited greatly in economic terms by opening borders and encouraging migration of skilled workers. But there's also a price one has to pay
5:19 PM me: Ok .. then u seem to mean.. it was Ok if BRITISH were hitting the indians with BOOTs.. but they should not have been thrown out of power here
5:20 PM Of..I think now again the argument starts :P
shrikanth.uvce: british rule was an imposition. the negetives outweighed the positives. I don't see a parallel
5:21 PM me: British when they first entered india.. seemed as though they are helping india etc... it seemed very much like this only
5:22 PM it was bcoz people had great ahankaar abt it, that
nobody can take it off the local !
and they dint take anysteps to protect it
shrikanth.uvce: sanskrit vanished because the ppl who spoke it never reached out to the masses
it was a great language confined to a closed society
5:23 PM spoken by a handful of upper castes
me: every common man used to understand sanskrit
even if it was spoken by
upper scastes only
why the upper casts are not speaking
that now? why are they speaking english
where did Sanskrit vanish from there
5:24 PM Its just bcoz Upper castes had "athi aase" and they licked the boots of British
shrikanth.uvce: because of the obsession of the upper castes with their identity
me: and any other person who had moneyt
if at all they had taken steps not to do so
if at all they made a regulation that itme
5:25 PM It would have been very much there today
If there was no regulation that people shudnt drive rashly, then there will be 101 accidents
every second
shrikanth.uvce: see....after all, what's hindi? it is the colloquial version of sanskrit
and it still very much survives
me: ya... people should not have let that happen
5:26 PM if they had some abhimaana
on their langualge
now if they shout saying
people destroyed sanskrit
shrikanth.uvce: because the ppl up north let it get corrupted...because of the corruption the language survived
me: its of no use
shrikanth.uvce: for a language to survive it must evolve
me: OTHERS DINT CORRUPT, they themselves got it corrupted
without any regulation imposed
5:27 PM IT MUST EVOLVE in the right
shrikanth.uvce: you didn't get my point
me: direction
not evolve to destroy itself
just for the sake of some people who dont know abt it
5:28 PM shrikanth.uvce: english has survived because it has been the most elastic language. most willing to borrow words from other tongues, most willing to experiment
me: hmmm :D
Its just bcoz ots
shrikanth.uvce: sanskrit., latin were among the most inelastic languages
5:29 PM me: from regulations to LATIN !
Good chat man.. if i continue, neither of us will lose out points for the whole day
shrikanth.uvce: bye
5:30 PM how're you otherwise?
me: Doing fine..
Cisco is doing good to me