Sunday, May 27, 2007

HUDUGAATA, The official weblog

Hi Friends,
I just gave a form to the Official Weblog of the movie Hudugaata which i was supposed to deisgn. Will be updating it with more updates again.

Here is the link :

OR this


Abhishek S N

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Shivarajkumar Santha Posters


Rakshita shines on Maja Maadi

Click here for largest Rakshita Gallery...
Rakshita GALLERY

You need to login with Maja Maadi userid and password to enter. [ If you are not a member already, please register urselves by clicking on Regsiter link.]
Its not the largest gallery in terms of no. of photos.. But its the largest in terms of variety of photos!
Enjoy it here

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ramya's Largest Variety of High Quality Photo Collection

Hi friends,

Here is the largest variety of photo collection of Kannada Actress Ramya with many UNSEEN photos!!!

Note: You need to be a member of to see this post. (Registration Free)
Click on Register if you are not a member.. or Login if you are already a member.

Hudugaata Wallpapers

Hmm... I got these HQ wallpapers, stills from the Assistant director of Hudugaata, Vishwas.
So Iam posting them here. Have a look at them. Enjoy!


Monday, May 21, 2007

Google caches Maja Maadi Forum

Many of you might already know about the new forum that I have started. I have named it as Maja Maadi [Yellaarigu Maja].
Some of you might already be members of it. If not, check this link and Register yourselves!

Enjoy maadi ! It currently has 40+ members and now Google has cached it!
You can now search for MAJA MAADI on Google and Yo! you get the correct result!!

I hope you all make it a better success by posting nice things on my forum!
Happy Posting!

Maja Maadi Forum

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Yenkey continues... But after the weekend holiday!

Yenkey needs a weekend holiday even this week. Paapa Yenkey reel bittu bittu full susthaagidhaane....

So lets wait for one more day, while he continues to create the funniest reels on earth!

Adventures of Yenkey

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Adventures of Yenkey - 8

Nike Girl Flashback!
Yenkey and Tanky!

Rating : Rated 'R' for explicit language at some places

Ooof! We were tired of getting fooled by Yenkey's Reels. So it was high time that we fooled him. To do this, we thought we should be first having a superb plan. This was the time when we caught hold of one of his friend since his PUC times, Dikky.
Dikky explained us about one of Yenkey's crushes during his PU days! Her name was Tanky! Ofcourse, her pet name was Tanky. This again has a small flashback.
The girl had her own reasons to make even Gays fall for her. The unique property was this. Everytime she wore a T-Shirt with the prestigious NIKE Logo on her chest, it would automatically turn in to another prestigious logo, of the McDonalds due to the curves!
Here is the figure to explain it to u! This was the reason she was called as Tanky(bcoz of her Tankers) with love!
Oh.. Wow.. So yenkey had a crush in his pre university days! We had by this time, decided to use this somehow to FOOL yenkey BIGTiMe!
The next step was to collect information about what was the interaction level between Tanky and Yenkey! We later found out that, they had lost touch after PU days! But Tanky still remained in the heart of Yenkey somewhere.
The plan that struck us was this: Make Yenkey believe that, Tanky met Dikky yesterday and she asked very much about Yenkey! This would make Yenkey fall for the prank. Further, the idea was to give Dikky's cousin sister's mobile no. as Tanky's number and tell him that Tanky asked him to contact her as soon as possible!

DID Yenkey fall for the PRANK ?? Dont miss the mega twist in tmrw's episode!! Enjoy it on Yenkey 9 tmrw!![Sorry friends, couldnt continue this episode today as I got to sleep now!]

Coming Soon.. Ayekey's Days

Hi Friends,

After the success of Yenkey's Adventures, Iam planning to start a new series called as Ayekey's Days.. ( I know you would relate this to Malgudi Days!)..
This is would be a mixture of typical experiences everyone would have had during their college times, but again .... told as a story, episode with lots of fun!

Iam sure you would have great fun with it too as you had with yenkey! Meanwhile, Yenkey character wont die, it would also continue to survive with its classic reels...

I repeat again... Yenkey series wont be stopped so soon.. there are lots of very funny things about the character to be told!

Ayekey's Days series will start very soon (in a month or so)..

Enjoy waiting,
Abhishek S N

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Actress Ramya joins Orkut

Yes.. Iam speaking about the Kannada Super Actress Ramya only! She has joined Orkut with her original name. It looks like, she wants to keep in touch with her school, college mates through this powerful social networking website. []

Some of you might be already thinking that Iam bluffing or else the profile must be a fake one. If you are thinking in either of these 2 angles, then you are absolutely wrong! Get on to the right track! You can take me as the guarantee for that fact! [Dont ask me how can I be so confident.. as i cant make it public here!]

Though she doesn't entertain friend requests from strangers(every rule has an exception! :) ), she remains silent most of the time whenever she logins. Her scrapbook shows that she is much interested in her school friends! It is evident, after seeing many frustrated scraps from her fans after they dint get a reply scrap after trying so long, that she also doesn't scrap any other person as a reply.

The next question that comes up to ur mind is, has she accepted my friend request! FYI, Yes .. She has... Dont ask me what I did to make that happen! Again, Yes... I was lucky enough to get a scrap a with very nice words on my scrapbook. Thanks my friend!... By the way, she is also on my gTalk messenger list. :D

Anyways, the rest of the action is left to you. I dont want to publish the link to her profile here! I have given enough clues to get that yourself. All the best

Friends, please let her maintain her privacy. Its good if you find out her profile.. but please dont trouble by resending scraps.. Understand that nobody would be benifited by this.. Let her grow her profile on Orkut silently!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Adventures of Yenkey - 7

Yenkey gets induced to IEEE:
Yenkey's Ahankaara Matta!

Before I start off with this episode, let me clarify one thing to many of the readers out there. IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. , is the world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology. In our college, we had a small student chapter of IEEE. We called it as IEEE-UVCE!

There were great people behind its existence like the branch counselor himself (head)! Great andre, in the lighter sense...of course!

Though there were some interesting activities going on in it, it remained to be a timepass thing for many in the college.. Yenkey, had no choice... but to join this student chapter as he always presumed to know such hi-quality organization names and chiefs of such organizations!(appana friendsu)... He also wanted to pull some more people in to it..( Registration fees was very high for us! )
Now coming back to the ADVENTURE!....

Yenkey's membership in to IEEE-UVCE, made his head lift up with full ego.

Yenkey: Hey.. Classalli ivatthu yenu lesson maadadro ?

Ayekey: Yaako baralilla..? Super lesson ittu.. full of comedy!

Yenkey: Haagella barakke aagalla... IEEEli thumba kelasa itthu..
(this was when yenkey was just a member)

Ayekey: Nanagee heelthiya kelasa antha? Alli hudugira jothe chatting continiousaagi maadthaa iddiddanna, we all saw maga!
Today gothaaythu, why you joined IEEE antha...

Yenkey: Illa kano.. IEEE andre onthara Prestigeu, Levelu iratthe..

Ayekey: Thu.. yen levelo... alli coffee lota clean maadthidde avattu!

Yenkey: IEEE member andre internals testalli full out of out!

Ayekey: Internalsalli out of out!... Examalli Theelu!

Yenkey: IEEE power ninage gothilla... Join aagu neenu...

Ayekey: Naanu join aagdhene, join aagirorigintha olle kelasa maadtheeni hogo!

Yenkey: That's also good! But member aadre Card kodthaare, id kodthaare, Spectrum magazine kodthaare.. etc

Ayekey: Adella hegu nanage Artha aagalla kano... Dont worry maadkobeda.. Nobody will join.. and first of all, naanu kooda join aagalla adakke!

At this time, a few girls came near him and commanded!!
Girls: LEy Yenkey, bega hogi letter type maadu.. illenu blade haakthaa idiya!?

We all were shocked... Some unknown girls from other class knew about yenkey already and they were commanding him!

Ayekey: Avarella, seniorsa???

Yenkey: Illa namma batchu!

Ayekey: Ninna Levelu avarigu gothaagoytha?? Alli yeneenu REEL bitte?

Yenkey: Yeenilla.. Friendshipge command maadadru.. Avarella nanage chennaagi gothu!

Ayekey: Sari.. Hoogi avarige ninna SEVE maadu.. servant thara...

Gijey: Servant tharana..? Servente kano.. Hogappa yenkey.. Letter type maadu cyber centrege hogi!

Ayekey: Hoon.. adyaavdhu leave lettero/love lettero irbeku.. pampleta?

Yenkey: Heyy.. Aanmele maathaadona.. Girls yella karadru.. So I have to go.. Urgent kelasa idhe! bye

Ayekey: Naavu lab-ge hoogthaa idivi baa... lets go together...

We all went together to the computer lab... In the Computer lab, we had to follow some rules like leaving our footwear, bags etc outside the lab. One attender who used to always speak softly used to sit there to look after this practice.
Yenkey rushed inside as though he had to send a letter to Bill Gates. He had to show us some level of IEEE member.. Within a second, he was rushing to enter the lab with his footwear on his feet and bag on his back, with full of sweat on his face!

Attender: Ree... Ree .. Yenri... Olle Gooli nuggida haage nugtheera...?

Ayekey to other friends: Nodrappa.. Eega maja shuru!

Attender: Kaansalwa kannu? Board haakirodhu? LEave ur footwear antha?

Yenkey: Haan? Footweara? .. Hmmm.. (In full tension, to maintain level inspite of getting scoldings form attender,) Naanu IEEE !!

Attender: Adenadu? Ninna hesaryaaru keeliddhu...

Yenkey: Haagalla.. Naanu IEEE member.. Nanna hesaru Yenkey

Attender: UVCE collegenavanu alwa neenu ?? IEEE collgea? Ilyaake bande.. Adhu gooli niggida haage nugthidiya? ID CARD kodu! Complain maadbeku

Yenkey: Naanu UVCE studentu.. Namma community hesaru IEEE-UVCE. Nanage urgent kelasa idhe.. Adakke olage hoodhe.

Attender: Ree... Adakke.. Footwear bicchbittu hoogri.. Thale sari ilwa nimage? Yen dodda manushyaru andkondubittidaare!

Ayekey, Gijey and friends: Hee Hee... super dialogue saar!

Yenkey: Ok... (removes his footwear, submits ID card and keeps his bag outside.. and then saw us and told,) Ivarige IEEE andhre yenu anthaane gothilla! IEEE member andre LEVELe bere!

Ayekey: Howdhu.. FULL LEVELe BERE! Neevu type maadakke hoogi hudugira jothe! ha ha

Heege Yenkeya ahankaara matta aadro kooda, JATTIge meese mannaglilla annohaage, he continued to do the same thing!

What does Yenkey achieve as an IEEE member? What does yenkey do when all friends together go for a long trip?
Watch out for next episode yenkey 8... (tmrw)

Monday, May 14, 2007

Adventures of Yenkey - 6

Yenkey and the Cricket matches
Yenkey tries to hype his image!
Yenkey comes back after the weekly off! So lets first welcome him back! :)

Yenkey had already told many things related to cricket. In the previous episodes Yenkey had told about Kumble, Venkatesh Prasad etc. Now it was the time for selection of players for our own college! Our college team had mostly seniors .They wanted to select one or two juniors. So entries were open for registration.

Ayekey: Lo.. Yaarappa namma batchinda cricketer aagodhu?

Yenkey: Naanilva alli! Nanna select maadlebeku...

Ayekey: Ninna bidu... Select maadlebeku avaru!

Yenkey: Ya Ya.. I had played for State level in school!

Ayekey: State levela? Yenanna aadiddhe? Kunte bille na?

Yenkey: Alla cricketu... Iam a cricket player. I want to play for our college also. But there is a problem.

Ayekey: Yenappa adhu.. madhyadalli ?

Yenkey: Namma appa bidalla kano. He told that I have to come among top 5 in the class to get in to cricket team. Namma annanu superb circket player. Namma Anna thumba strongu. Illi nanna kayyi nodu heege idhe strongaagi.... Namma annana kayyi idakkintha strongu...

Ayekey: Kallena?? Size kallo.. Jelly kallo...? or ..... ?

Yenkey: Kallene kano.. Full strong stone thara idhe... Besides, namma Anna was a wicket keeper in the team! He is very fast you know!!

Ayekey: Bedwa mathe... ..

Yenkey: He was so fast that, sometimes he used to knock off the bales on the wicket with his knees and used to appeal for bowled!
He used to be so fast that umpire never used to get to know that and he used to raise his finger.

Ayekey: Yaava Fingeru?? Middle fingera ? :D :D ... ? Yaavdaadru childge heelu hoogu ee sathyana... Naaanu sutthi sutthi susthaagidheeni, reelna!

Yenkey: Forefinger maga.. Illi keelu! full storyna..

Ayekey: Nanna kivi (ears) yeshtu punya maadittho...! heeluvanthavaraagi!

Yenkey: Namma anna dint top in one of the semesters ondhu saarthi!!

Ayekey: Dumki hodadna?

Yenkey: Illa illa.. pass aada... top maadlilla ashte. So nammappa told him to stop playing for his college!!

Ayekey: Super.. Sadhya... Aamele team gellakke shuru maadtha?

Yenkey: Illa... adhu bidu... Eega naanu should play for my college and i should make sure that i would be in that top 5!

Ayekey: Neenu TOP 1 bido.. Classnalli alla.... In the whole college!! Reel Bidodralli!
Addu biddhe guruve!

Yenkey: Udhaara aagu! :D

NEXT: Yenkey, the IEEE king!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Google caches our beloved Yenkey !!

Google yesterday cached the Adventures of Yenkey on to its dBase which would be used for search results.
So now in Google, if you search for "Adventures of Yenkey" and click on submit, You will be given related results on the top 2 results.
Congrats Yenkey! and thanks readers!

Abhishek S N

Friday, May 11, 2007

Adventures of Yenkey - A small break!

Hi all,

It has been already 5, very funny episodes a.k.a adventures of Yenkey on my blog!
I know most of you are enjoying this comedy series since its start. Now let me give a small break of 2 days. So lets meet with Adventures of Yenkey on Monday night (IST :D ).
Happy weekend to all...
Happy weekend to Yenkey and friends!!

abhishek s n

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Adventures of Yenkey - 5

Yenkey and the Celebrities
Yenkey continues his "appana friend" purana

In this episode, you will find a compilation of some low level reels of yenkey, the great!

One day during time-pass hours,

Jockey: Lo.. Namma Yenkey appan friend anthe , Anil Kumble...

Ayekey: Yappa.. Ninagu heelbitna? Lo... yellaaru avara appane friendse kano!!

Jockey: Oh.. haaga vishaya...

Yenkey: Hi Friends

All : Hi

Ayekey: Ivatthu full newspaper-alli headlines full of Kashmir Issuene..

Yenkey: Yes man.. Thumba jaasthi aagihoogidhe violence alli... Sakkath bejaar aagatthe...
Ondhu saarthi yeenaaythu gottha??

Ayekey: Hoon.. ShuruHachko....

Yenkey: Last year, my DAD was travelling to North India in a train in "AC" Class...

Ayekey: Cool ! Adakkenivaaga?

Yenkey: Namma appa hoogthaa iddha AC Compartment was full.. housefull cinema iddha haage.
At that time, in one of the stations, Home minister L.K.Advani (the then home minister) got in to the train.

Ayekey: L K advani, train hatthadna?? Avana helicopter yenaagittho paapa.?? Adhu bere, nimmappa travel maadthaa iddha trainge hatthabeka avanu! Mostly, trainallu campaign maadakke bandidno yenopa!

Yenkey: Ilvo .... Once he boarded the train, the security yella bere passengersnu bere compartmentge Ilisi hatthisbitru...

Ayekey: So nimmappa AC classinda Local classge shift aadra?

Yenkey: Illa kano... Namma Appa obbaranna bittu, mikkidavarannella, they shifted.!

Ayekey: Yappa.. Hoogli continue maadi saar neevu!

Yenkey: Aamele, Namma thandhe and L K Advani sat next to each other

Ayekey: Kashta-Sukha maathadkondra?

Yenkey: Illa kano.. My father spoke about Kashmir Issue with L K Advani. He advised him as to how to take his next steps.

Ayekey: Oh!!! (Yet another reel!) Everyone laughed heartily!

One more day, when everyone were speaking about Indian Cricketers,

Ayekey: Indian cricketersge sikkaapatte duddu baratthe alwa... Full rich avarella.. Life settled!

Yenkey: Correctu maga.. Namma Venky idaanalla..

Ayekey: Yaaro adhu?

Yenkey: Venkatest prasad kano ... Avana hatthira ondhu pair of shoes kooda iralilla!! Namma appa avanige Shoes na Buy maadi kottidru kano!

Ayekey: Venkyge shoesna nimma appanena kodisiddu!?! sari bidappa.. super!

NEXT: Yenkey and Cricket match tickets
Yenkey is IEEE's everything! (If you dont know what is IEEE, search for it on google)

Coming Soon...

Black Google Would Save 750 Megawatt-hours a Year

As noted, an all white web page uses about 74 watts to display, while an all black page uses only 59 watts. I thought I would do a little math and see what could be saved by moving a high volume site to the black format.

Take at look at Google, who gets about 200 million queries a day. Let's assume each query is displayed for about 10 seconds; that means Google is running for about 550,000 hours every day on some desktop. Assuming that users run Google in full screen mode, the shift to a black background will save a total of 15 (74-59) watts. That turns into a global savings of 8.3 Megawatt-hours per day, or about 3000 Megawatt-hours a year. Now take into account that about 25 percent of the monitors in the world are CRTs, and at 10 cents a kilowatt-hour, that's $75,000, a goodly amount of energy and dollars for changing a few color codes.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Adventures of Yenkey - 4

Yenkey and the drunkards.
Yenkey learns hiding his reels:

Yenkey's heroism episode (published as adventure - 3) had become famous in the college and was spreading like a wild fire. People loved to have fun in the name of Yenkey always. Everybody were waiting for Yenkey to create some reel.

In Between all these, Ayekey had a big desire to go to Yenkey's Home as Yenkey had told that his house rests on a hillock. (published in adventure - 3). But this was not a fact. It was just another Reel! Many people decided to go to him and ask him to take us to his home.. so that we can all have some fun when his reels gets exposed to public light! Heegiruvaaga,

Ayekey and other friends: Hey yenkey, Ivaathu anyway namage 2pm aadamele classes illa. So lets have lunch here and go to your house maga.. Ok na...

Yenkey: (Started sweating) Hey beda kano.. Namma mane thumba remote placealli idhe.. So thumba late aagatthe by the time you all reach there. Adaada meele, to leave from the place it would have become night!! So thumba late-aagi, nimagella problem aagihoogatthe.

Ayekey: Yenilla Moms!! Namagenu problem illa.. I know that even Girls are coming.. But naavella hudugaru iddeevalla.. We will take care of them.. :) You don't worry at all.. Nimma house-on-a-hillockge karkondu hoogu saaku :D

Yenkey: Illa ley.. Aaagalla ivatthu ...

Ayekey: Adeenappa.. Ivatthe aagalla ninage ??

Yenkey: Haagalvoo... (after thinking for sometime..)... hmm... ya... Namma House hathra, AREA sari illa maga...

Ayekey: Yenu?? Area Sari ilwa?? Yenaagidhe nimma AREAge.. Hebbal is very beautiful alwa... Hillock bere idhe.. Adara meele nimma House bere idhe.. Yenaagidhe aa Hebbaalge??

Yenkey: Alvo.. Alli Evening aadre saaku.. Full yella kudiyakke hoogthaare...

Ayekey: yenu? Kudiyooka? What will they drink?

Yenkey: Innenu kudithaare.?!?!... Aa DRINKS na.. Saaraayi! Full of drunkards kano,. aa Area.. So hudigarella aa Time-alli Allirodhu nanage ishta illa!

Ayekey: Oh!

Yenkey: (Couldn't control his reel creation there...) Do u know what happnd day before yesterday??

Ayekey: Yenaaytho? Neenu kudidubitya?? Saaraayina??

Yenkey: Che.. Che.. Illaapa. Naanu kudidilla. Adyeenaaythu andhre... Day before yesterday, One huge fellow, Full Kudidubittu TIGHT aaghoogiddha man! Sikkaapatte Theelaadthidda...


Yenkey: Hoon kano.. But full kelu.. Day before yesterday.. obba huge man full tightaagi theelkondu namma mane mundhe bandhu biddhoogbitta!!! He fell down in front of our house!!.. In front of the GATE kano!

Ayekey: Lo.. Saaku nilso ninna purana... Aaythu bidappa.. Eegenu?? Nimma manege, we should not come... Ashte thaane??? Sari bidu.. Baralla.. Eega REEL creationa STOP maadu...

Yenkey: Illa kano... Illi keelu... Day before yesterday, obba huge man full tightaagi theelkondu namma mane mundhe bandhu biddhoogbitta!!! He fell down in front of our gate man!

Idannella keelthaa iddha yella friendsgu sikkaapatte uridihoogitthu.. people had got frustrated by the puraNa of Yenkey! Aaga, Gijey's superb sense of humour sprang out... Yenkey was repeating same thing again and again to prove that the AREA in which he stays was not so good for girls during evening times bcoz of drunkards.... :D

Yenkey: Illa kano... Illi keelu... Day before yesterday, obba huge man full tightaagi theelkondu namma mane mundhe bandhu biddhoogbitta!!! He fell down in front of our gate man!

Gijey: Houdhappa... Yaaro biddru.. nimma GATE mundhe.. Aaga Nammma Yenkey yeenmaadthane?? Yenkey hoogi, yaarappa adhu biddavaru antha Nodoke, Biidiro aa persona thale yetthi noodthaane...!! NODADRE YAARU!!!....?!!!? !! NAMMA YENKEY AVARA APPANA FRIENDU !!! Alweno Yenkey...?? Nimmapana Frienda Avanunu??? :D

Ayekey and others: Ha ha ha !!

Gijey's super sense of humour made our Yenkey shut his mouth that day!! But my dream of seeing his house-on-hillock remained still as a desire! :D .. We thought, from that day onwards, Yenkey will stop telling that "Avaru nammappana Friendsu." .. "Ivaru namma brother friendsu" etc etc antha... But we later got to know what we had thought was wrong.. He continued to say "Avaru nammappana friendu" for everyone including some famous celebrities.! It was a never ending story! After this, we also got to know that Yenkey had done all this to hide his "house-on-hillock" reel... ! (by avoiding others to reach his home as they might find out the facts!)

Next: Yenkey and the famous celebrities!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Adventures of Yenkey - 3

Yenkey and the Indian Army
The Super HERO:
Yenkey was already world famous in the whole college by this time!!!!! His next step and aim in life seemed to us like, he wanted to only maintain his image! Heegiruvaaga, Ondu dina college classroomalli as-usual lecturer iralilla..

Ayekey: Yesterday Republic Day functionalli, did u see?? A small boy-ge Bravery Award kotru. Yeenappa.. Avarigella Sakkath Dhairya alweno Yenkey..!

Yenkey: Lo.. Adyaava maha.. If we had informed the Police/ concerned authority, even nanagu avaru nyaayavaagi, last 4 years back bravery award kodabeekitthu..

Ayekey: Howdha?? neenyeen maadadyo?? Reel sutthbittu yaarannaadru bachaav maadadya...?? Reel Sutthkondunu innobranna SAVE maadbahudu antha ivatthe gothaagiddu....!!!
Or else probably neenu... Mostly.. Cntrl+S or F2 key na computer keyboardalli votthbittirthiya... Correcta???

Yenkey: Ilvo maga... I saved Hundred's of LIVES!!!

Ayekey: (Ayekey already knew by this time that there will be a REEL that he needs to listen to!).. Hundreds of Livesa???? Yapppaa... super nan maga kano neenu... Heege maadadyo???

Yenkey: You know..? Namma Mane thumba Remote placealli idhe...

Ayekey: Adhe Doorada Hebbala.. thaane?? correcta?

Yenkey: Hoon.. ashte alla kano.. Its on a small Hillock! onthara.. Bettada meele idhe annabahudu.!

Ayekey: Haan?! Oh.. Full scenery noodabahudu haagidre.. Ley.. Nimma manege karkondu hogo ondhu dina.. plz!

Yenkey: Sari.. Adirali.. Eega kelu swalpa.. Aamlele yenaaythu andhre, Ondu dina raathri.. naanu malkondameele, full heavy Rainsu.. Until morning.,, it was very heavy rains.
Next day morning yeddeltheeni... Nodadre Full Floodsu bandbittidhe!!

Ayekey: Oh.. Nimma house mulugi hooytha? :O

Yenkey: Illa kano.. Namma house bettada meele idiyalla.. So yeenaagilla.. Namma house-du bettada kelage iro manegaLellaa, full covered with water.. Namma Terrace-indha noodadre yella kade bettadha kelage iruva houses yella, full of water... Unbelievable -aagitthu adhu??

Ayekey: (whispers....)Nanage eega neenu heelthirodhu Unbelievable aagi kaanasthidhe! :(

Yenkey: Yenu? yeenanadhe neenu eega??

Ayekey: Naana?? Yeenilvalla.. Neenu continue maadappa!

Yenkey: hoon.. Kelage janarella, Avara Terrace meele nithubittiddaare!! Help ! Help! antha kiracchkondu...

Ayekey: Oh! so sad! paapa... (Reelallaadru swalpa karune thoorbaarda!?)

Yenkey: Aaga nammappaa......

Ayekey: (whispers...) Ayyoo... matthe bandhra scenealli nimmappa??!!!

Yenkey: Aaga nammappa, Avara Friendge phone maadiru. Within 20 minutes, Indian Army came flying in the Helicopter!!

Ayekey: Haan!?? Yenu.. Indian armyna?? Flyinga??? oooooff!

Yenkey: Hoon... Indian Army.. In the Helicopter, avaru Food packets thandidru!!! They dropped all of them on my house... Aaga naane aa Food packetsna thogondu hoogi, those who were shouting for help, avarellarigu hanchddhe! Everyone praised me. I was like the hero that day.

Ayekey: yappa... Indian army anthe... Food packets anthe.. Avaru nimmappana friend anthe...! Foodna nimma house mele drop maaadadranthe... neenu hanchadyanthe!! Adakke neenu Herona??? yappa. yentha Reel idhu! Idakke BRAVERY awards bere kodthaara...??

Though Yenkey had produced series of REELS in a single shot that day, on how he became a hero before 4 years...., Yenkey had become the Real hero for the day for creating the best of his reels in his 'reeling career'...!!!!!!!!!

Next on Yenkey: Yenkey and the Drunkards!
Keep watching!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Adventures of Yenkey - 2

Yenkey becomes 'world famous' in the whole college!
The 'I know Everyone..' episode:

Yenkey always used to say one thing before anything else could continue in the convesation. That was, "Hey.. Avaru nammappana friend kano" ... Or.. "Avanu Nammannana friend kano" etc.,
Gradually, everyone almost knew about his comical personality. Speak about some well known lecturer/ prof. / scientist etc. in the city, he would come from nowhere, reciting the same old dialogue "Hey.. Avaru chennaagi gotthu... Avaru nammappana friend kano...".

Once during 'after-college' hours,
Ayekaey: Hey Gijey, yenkey, Nagu... Nenne Cricket match nodadreno??? Super match alwa.. India performance was OK.. But Anil Kumble bowled really well.. Paapa yaarigu touch maadakke aaglilla ballna.. Superb performance itthu kumbledu yesterday..... alwa..

Gijey: Correct, Ball sakkath spin aagthitthu kano.. Pitch was also suitable for spin bowling...

Yenkey: Kumbledhaa??? Lo... AA..nanmaga Nammappanige chennagi gotthu...!

Aye: Haan?? Adhege? Nimmappa Cricket fieldalli kooda idaara???

Yenkey: Illakano... Avaru ondhu Coaching campalli participate maadidru.. Aaga even Kumble was in the team...

Aye: (uffffffff...) Mundheelappa...

Yenkey: Aamele Kumble was bowling like a "CHILD"... aagella...

Aye: Yaaru?!!!!!!!!? Anil Kumblena???

Yenkey: Houdu man! Anil Kumblene... He was bowling very high... Adharindha, he was not able to get Pace in the bowling kano....

Aye: Sari.....!?!

Yenkey: Aamele nammappa avanige Bowlingna FLATaagi maadakke heeladru, on the pitchu. So from that day he picked that up and started bowling flat. He could pick up PACE.. So avanige nappana meele sikkapatte respectu ivatthigunu!!

Aye: Oh.. Adakke ansatthe avanu Avatthu 10 Wicketsna ondhe TEST matchalli thegediddu... Howdha??? :D ???

Yenkey: Hoon kano.. correctu...

All others were stunned by the quality of the REEL!!

Aye: Namage meet maadso ondhu saarthi Kumblena... Nimmappanige heelbittu..

Yenkey: Oh.. sure No problems....

Heege heelidhe Yenkey, Innu ivatthinavaregu , Kumble Retire aadmelunu meet maadsilla namagella... Naavu kooda "RAAMAnige Kaadha SITA" thara kaaythaane iddeevi!! :D :D

More to come in future episodes...
Some of them include,
yenkey calling Indian Army in helicopter, Yenkey saving the lives of hundreds of people!.. Yenkey falling from a big building, Yenkey and the famous celebrities... Yenkey getting caught red handed... Yenkey falling for a girl/Girls, Yenkey's Pencil box!
AND MANY MANY MORE.. So keep watching!! this column!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Adventures of Yenkey - 1

Part 1:
The most respectful personality turns out to be a comic!

Yenkey is a person who is considered to be the most dignified person amongst the students during first semester of the college when nobody knew much about Yenkey. But he had a hidden comic character in him!!
During those initial days in college, he used to be so active during some lectures like Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials (SOM), Mathematics etc. Most of the times, Ayekaey used to sit next to Yenkey. Once during a SOM class,
Yenkey : (Not seemed to pay much attention on problems given by the lecturer)

Ayekaey: (Not really able to understand the reason)

Yenkey: (Removes a small 10 pages booklet which of the size of the driving license book in India from his bag!..It looked so old.. almost torn also... He puts it back inside again after 2-3 seconds. He repeats the same thing four to five times)

Ayekaey:(Wondering why he was doing all this... thought that he was doing all this so that he asks him what is that small book about.. and then he whispers.. ) hey yenkey.. YENO, what is this small book that you are seeing and keeping it inside from that time?

Yenkey: (some what satisfied that someone asked him as to what was that..) hey.. idhu GUN LICENSE kano!

Aye: aaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

Yenkey: Hoon kano. Idhu Gun License.. Idhu namma Appandhu. (father's gun license)..

Aye: Hey Yenkey... but this looks like some old Radio License.. that wireless radio license.. Even though the cover page is torn, i can see some drawing of a wireless radio there.!! How can it be Gun License?

Yenkey: Illa kano.. this is Gun license only.. this belongs to my father!
Aye: Ok Ok.. Bidappa... But why did u get it here?!?! (By that time Aye knew, it was just to boast abt himself)

Yenkey: Adhu..... adhu.... hmmmm... haaan... Gun license expire aagbittidhe.. So renew maadisbeku! DC officenalli!!

Aye: Oh.. houdha... But nimma appana hatthira Gun license yaake idhe??

Yenkey: Lo... Namma appana hatthira bari Gun License alla... GUN kooda idhe!!! :)

Aye: Adhe guruve.. Yella Ok.. But ee GUN yaake???

Yenkey: Namma mane ondhu thumba REMOTE placealli idhe kano.. Alli Kallaru yavaaglu barthaa irthaare... So, nammappa Gun itkondiddaare...!

Aye: Yellirodhu nimma mane..

Yenkey: Namma mane doorada hebbaal hatthira.. !

Aye: (As this incident happnd in 2001 .. I had to beleive it this time)! Ok..

Yenkey: (Not stopping here.. He had more to say!..) Monne (Day before yesterday), namma manege kalla bandiddha.... Yellaaru yeddu full sounds maadadmeele hedari oodihoodha. Namma thande avanu oodhoogthaa iddaaga Gun Fire maadadru!!

Aye: haaan!!! yaarige yenaaythu?? oodihogthaa irovra mele gun fire yaake maadadro!? Modale Gun license expire aagidhe anthella heelthaa idiya!?

Yenkey: Yaarigu yenaaglilla.. Air-alli fire maadadru .. So no problems.!


Ayekey: oh.. howdeno?! sakkath maga! yeenidhu heegella!!
Lo... Full level maga nindu .. GUN license yella college-ge carry maadthiya!!

Yenkey: Howdu kano... Sakkath powerfull ee license.. Kalla yenaadru GUN point maadadre, namma Appa, GUN licensena kallana mundhe point maadthaare.. Kalla, avana kayyalli GUN idroo kooda.. Full speedalli odhoogthaane!!

Ayekey: Super kano... But nanagyaako idhu GUN license thara kaanasthaane illa.. yaavudo HALE wireless raido license thara idiyallapaa!?

Yenkey: hhhmmm.. adhu... hmm... adhu... hey hey.. yella ondhe thara irattho... Ok.. bidu.. lets listen to the lecture now!

Ayekey: ha!?

This was the first time that Ayekey got to know about Yenkey! From here the comedy starts...
Yenkey and his Adventures!!!! GET GOING....

Comments plz!

DISCLAIMER: put up in the previous entry in the blog

Friday, May 04, 2007

The new Comic Charecter! Yenkey, The reel creator!

A Real Story... But converted to cartoon charecter... No masala added by the way!

Whenever I think of real life comedy, I always see 'Yenkey' (Name changed to avoid more controversy!..The Hero of this series..) Yenkey was a very good on-the-spot reel creator!! (Sullu heeluvava). His timing and sense of Reel creation was so good that many people had to really believe his statements. But some people like me, used to find out then and there that he was trying to bluff others and we used to ask embrassing questions to him right there...! By this, actually what used to happen was, he used to make himself a fool and fall in to trouble by trying to create some nonsense reel in an effort to boast about himself!
In some of the next blogs, you will find the adventures of Yenkey, the reel creator falling into his own well always!


Watch out for the next blog entries... Adventures of Yenkey!