Thursday, June 21, 2007


Forget about the cricket scam! If the Indian Government would legalize betting, not only it would lessen scams, but it would also reap huge profits. Most of the black money, cheating, smuggling happening in India, is triggered by obsolete laws enacted by Nehru, which were meant to tax the rich to benefit the poor, but which in the end made the rich richer (with black money) and the poor poorer (with white money).

But to come back to cricket, think of it thus: here is a game which is a colonial legacy of the British. It is meant to be played in a cool weather on a green English meadow with a few spectators who shout “jolly good” from time to time, while sipping lemonade. It is not a game meant for a tropical country where you stand for hours under a blistering sun with frenzied fans screaming their approval or displeasure. Cricket has become an obsession in India

But above all, cricket has totally vampirized all the other sports in India. There is so much money that sponsors, televisions and even the Government has concentrated only on cricket at the expense of all the other sports. For the truth is that India is nowhere on the international area of sports and its standard is pathetic if not ridiculous in all sports except for another two British legacies: tennis and hockey. But look at China, in the early eighties it also could not compete in any discipline, bare table tennis, but in a span of thirty years, it has become a sports superpower in all areas, even in some where its does such as swimming.

Why can’t India, the country which gave to the world hata-yoga, which has been copied the world over, or even pranayama which is now spreading like wildfire all over the planet, have a coherent and comprehensive program which would build world-class athletes in two decades?

Because of cricket! And it is so unfair, athletes such as long distance runners will train in miserable conditions, get a pittance as sponsorship and often have to work full or part time in some obscure Government jobs. Compare this to cricketers who are often spoilt brats, who stay in five star hotels, get millions of rupees in sponsorship and advertisement, are often arrogant and. still manage to lose most of the time!

The INDIAN Government should restrict the number of international matches played by Indian cricketers happening both within and outside India. This will ensure automatically that cricketers get less sponsorship and have to concentrate on home turf. And it should evolve a bold and clear plan for developing other sports, trying as much as possible to bypass bureaucracy who stifle and kill all the good plans (it would maybe make sense to privatize some of the areas such as training). The only will India become a superpower ports. It has the manpower in sports and cricket takes its just place as just another sports where Indian excel.

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I would agree with ur argument that too much money is being spent on cricket, sidelining other sports, but i dont agree that cricket is not a sport to be played in tropical can be played anywhere.And reagrding the government policy to restrict the number of cricket matches its totally absurd.. to improve other sports its not justifiable to restrict the other, wat the govt shld instead do is to give more importance to other has too many sponsors and can manage itself without the government if not all atleast a major part of the cricket funding by the government shlld be diverted to improve the infrastructure of other games.And its not on the government policy that a sport gains its popularity..A sport gains popularity due to the winning performances by its players..we all know that earlier the importance on cricket as a sport was very was only that after the 1983 world cup that the interest and the money in cricket soared. The government shld sincerely try to improve the infrastructure if not for any other monetary support, this atleast will give a level playing ground for sportsmen in other fields to prove their mettle. U can even take the case of tennis until leander pace, mahesh bhupati or sania mirza won some major titles the interest in tennis was also less.But once they won it did a gr8 deal of goodness for the sport. To summarise its the sports persons achievements that popularises tha sport not the goverment policies.But the government shld provide the strong base for it thats all.