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Which is your favourite RAJNI stunt?
God! Yenkey was better! :D

Lighting a cigarette with a gun in mid-air, catching a bullet with his teeth or throwing a mirror in the air and killing the villains by looking at their reflection - we all have a favourite Rajnikanth stunt.

Force of Nature

Rajnikanth and miracles go hand in hand. In a particular sequence, spring-soled Rajni jumps high up in the air, stays up there for a few minutes, defying gravity.

He then begins to wave his arms and legs in such a furious way that it generates a huge sandstorm! The sand gets in the eyes of the villains who fall to the floor.

Celestial Connection

Rajni plays a psychiatrist in a movie where he strangely doubles as a mind reader. No, he doesn’t just guess what you’re thinking - he can actually listen to every word, every syllable you utter in your mind.

He then goes on to display further celestial power when by merely waving through the air, he changes half a moon to a full moon progressively.

Inspired Shooting

Rajnikanth gets to know that the villain is on the other side of a very high wall. Unfortunately the wall is so high that our otherwise gravity-defying superhero can't jump over it. But the villain has to be killed because the film is nearing the climax.

So what does he do? He suddenly pulls two guns from his pocket, throws one gun in the air and when the gun has reached the height of the wall, he shoots the trigger of the first gun in air, with his second gun. The first gun ends up shooting the villian and he falls dead!

Ek teer, 6 shikaar

Rajni is sitting on one side of a swimming pool talking to the villain. On the other side of the pool, six goons of the villain are standing and observing. When the argument gets heated, the villain winks at his men & each one throws a knife at Rajni.

Our hero effortlessly catches all the knives in one hand (without putting them down or switching hands after catching!) He then spreads them out like a deck of playing cards in his hand so that all six knives are visible. He then throws the knives & kills all six goondas in one go!

Bollywood Ishtyle

Rajnikanth plays a police officer and is sitting on his motorcycle under a coconut tree. Suddenly he sees a couple of villains escaping in a car.

Not one to do things the ordinary way, Rajni holds the clutch, puts his bike in gear, takes his gun and fires upwards. A coconut falls on the starter, Rajni releases clutch, and away he goes chasing the villains - in ishtyle!

Lord Rajni

A bunch of villains accost Rajnikanth and without batting a lid, he puts his hands in his pocket, is it a gun....?? No. It is a knife which he throws in the air and voila - it defies gravity and stays there!

What’s more, the knife starts rotating in the air like the Sudharshan chakra - Rajni has become Lord Vishnu. How can the Goondas fight the all powerful Lord so they faint and fall to the ground. Rajnikanth walks out smiling and shaking his head in his typical fashion.

Blade Splitter

A goon shoots a bullet at Rajni. What does he do? He simply takes out a blade from his pocket and throws it at the bullet. (All this is done while the bullet is still in mid-air).

The bullet is split into two and takes different directions - avoiding our superhero. To add more spice to this crazy episode, two goons are standing behind Rajni and get killed by the split bullets!

Saviour with Style

Rajnikanth always saves his women in style. Once while saving the heroine, he gets shot at and his quick reflexes enable him to pick up a hollow iron rod, stop the bullet by lodging it inside the rod and then turn around and, of course, kill the villain.

In another movie, Rajni’s lady love is hanging on a high volt line and the goon switches on the transformer. No problem. Rajni simply runs faster than the current - actually shown - and saves the lady.

Magnet Magic

Rajnikanth is sitting in a college campus, waiting for some goons to harass the girls. When he sees them coming on their bicycles, he takes out two huge Iron Yoke magnets from his pocket, twists them wildly in the air which lifts the goons in the air with their cycles and they all twist in perfect harmony.

He then puts the magnets back in his pockets, the goons fall to the ground and run away as usual!

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