Thursday, June 21, 2007

Film Festival @ HOME !

Hi Friends,
Iam planning for a personal FILM FESTIVAL @ my HOME.
Wondering what i mean?
Listen, We have many movies in our mind which were actually outstanding in terms of story or Quality of production or Screenplay or the name it made. We can shortlist some movies falling under this category and present it on the big Screen @ Home. Please type in the list of movies that you would like to see in this PERSONAL FILM FESTIVAL. Iam planning to have this once every month during a weekend.
People need to volunteer for getting these items on RENT for a day:
2) WHITE SCREEN (we can also adjust with a white wall ! )
(P.S: Cost of the RENT of the Digital projector for that day will be shared amongst the people who watch the movie)
Alcoholic Drinks, Smoking not allowed inside.

Per session, there will be 3 movies screened of different languages.

Please post your comments about this idea and also some list of movies.
P.S: Dont forget to volunteer for the above 2 points mentioned!

Thanks, Eagerly waiting....
Abhishek S N



prashanth said...

good idea abhi...there are so many such movies...

shande said...

nice idea ... it can be a get together for movie buffs.

- are u planning to conduct it monthly ?
- what abt food ?

volunteering for Digital Projector will be difficult. Is there any way we can rent it for a weekend and share the cost.

Abhishek said...

Yes.. Planning to have it every month.

and yes as you told we should rent it for a day and share the cost.
I meant, we should volunteer to get from the shop for rent
COSTS will be shared.. (Will add that clause in the blog entry)

suhas said...

Dont forget to mention "NO SMOKING" dear :-)

Vsh said...

This is a khool(great) idea,. hope it wll be cool to watch the show also...

Vsh said...

This is a Khool(great) idea.. Hope it will be cool even to watch the movies....

Abhishek said...

Its an honour for us too to watch the movie sitting next to a Director in making (Vsh) :)

Anonymous said...

police story
Deadly Soma

Anonymous said...

Shamiyaana ge naanu volunteeru
And yes, we can make food allene
Adge maadkondu flmu

Anonymous said...

Komal Kumar na kariyona Chief guestaagi?
I know him

Bodes said...

hey dude really nice u think do v get to hire a projector n stuff???

anandh said...

fine you have done good job, my sugestion is u pls also concentrate on kids ma, u can show animated , adventures like that.

good do the best really god will do the rest abhi

my best wishes for u

Anonymous said...

Soooper kanri

Wat timings will the show be screened,will be there madhu

Abhishek said...

It will be shortly announced..
Plz write ur names anonymous posters.

sudhir said...

hi abhi....very nice Idea....all the best....

sagi said...

nice one maga..
but, why different languages?? why not only Kannada??!!
Anyway, here's the list..

My Autograph
Mungaru Male

Prakash.G. said...

Hi Abhi,

Really nice idea... and great to have a discussion after the filmi session also....

Not only kannada, but we should watch from diff lan also..

what do u say..!

Plz reply for my comment...

By the way where is ur home located????????????


shande said...

I agree with prakash, we have to see other language movies also.

Let us plan for 3 movies in a day one each in English, Kannada and Hindi.

shande said...

what's latest on this ?

are you planning for any poll for the movies to be screened, so that participants can vote.