Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Actress Ramya joins Orkut

Yes.. Iam speaking about the Kannada Super Actress Ramya only! She has joined Orkut with her original name. It looks like, she wants to keep in touch with her school, college mates through this powerful social networking website. []

Some of you might be already thinking that Iam bluffing or else the profile must be a fake one. If you are thinking in either of these 2 angles, then you are absolutely wrong! Get on to the right track! You can take me as the guarantee for that fact! [Dont ask me how can I be so confident.. as i cant make it public here!]

Though she doesn't entertain friend requests from strangers(every rule has an exception! :) ), she remains silent most of the time whenever she logins. Her scrapbook shows that she is much interested in her school friends! It is evident, after seeing many frustrated scraps from her fans after they dint get a reply scrap after trying so long, that she also doesn't scrap any other person as a reply.

The next question that comes up to ur mind is, has she accepted my friend request! FYI, Yes .. She has... Dont ask me what I did to make that happen! Again, Yes... I was lucky enough to get a scrap a with very nice words on my scrapbook. Thanks my friend!... By the way, she is also on my gTalk messenger list. :D

Anyways, the rest of the action is left to you. I dont want to publish the link to her profile here! I have given enough clues to get that yourself. All the best

Friends, please let her maintain her privacy. Its good if you find out her profile.. but please dont trouble by resending scraps.. Understand that nobody would be benifited by this.. Let her grow her profile on Orkut silently!


Shrinidhi Hande said...

Thanks for the link and congrats for getting a reply for your scrap...

Yenkay said...

Suuuupppppeeeerrr!!!! Nane nenapu idadantha stories nenapittu document madtidiya...Chennagide...chennagide..

Anonymous said...

looks like she also left orkut :D

Jagadish Chandra said...

She is My Frnd in Orkut plz dont Trouble her Frnds :) : ): ) :) : ) :) : )