Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Adventures of Yenkey - 4

Yenkey and the drunkards.
Yenkey learns hiding his reels:

Yenkey's heroism episode (published as adventure - 3) had become famous in the college and was spreading like a wild fire. People loved to have fun in the name of Yenkey always. Everybody were waiting for Yenkey to create some reel.

In Between all these, Ayekey had a big desire to go to Yenkey's Home as Yenkey had told that his house rests on a hillock. (published in adventure - 3). But this was not a fact. It was just another Reel! Many people decided to go to him and ask him to take us to his home.. so that we can all have some fun when his reels gets exposed to public light! Heegiruvaaga,

Ayekey and other friends: Hey yenkey, Ivaathu anyway namage 2pm aadamele classes illa. So lets have lunch here and go to your house maga.. Ok na...

Yenkey: (Started sweating) Hey beda kano.. Namma mane thumba remote placealli idhe.. So thumba late aagatthe by the time you all reach there. Adaada meele, to leave from the place it would have become night!! So thumba late-aagi, nimagella problem aagihoogatthe.

Ayekey: Yenilla Moms!! Namagenu problem illa.. I know that even Girls are coming.. But naavella hudugaru iddeevalla.. We will take care of them.. :) You don't worry at all.. Nimma house-on-a-hillockge karkondu hoogu saaku :D

Yenkey: Illa ley.. Aaagalla ivatthu ...

Ayekey: Adeenappa.. Ivatthe aagalla ninage ??

Yenkey: Haagalvoo... (after thinking for sometime..)... hmm... ya... Namma House hathra, AREA sari illa maga...

Ayekey: Yenu?? Area Sari ilwa?? Yenaagidhe nimma AREAge.. Hebbal is very beautiful alwa... Hillock bere idhe.. Adara meele nimma House bere idhe.. Yenaagidhe aa Hebbaalge??

Yenkey: Alvo.. Alli Evening aadre saaku.. Full yella kudiyakke hoogthaare...

Ayekey: yenu? Kudiyooka? What will they drink?

Yenkey: Innenu kudithaare.?!?!... Aa DRINKS na.. Saaraayi! Full of drunkards kano,. aa Area.. So hudigarella aa Time-alli Allirodhu nanage ishta illa!

Ayekey: Oh!

Yenkey: (Couldn't control his reel creation there...) Do u know what happnd day before yesterday??

Ayekey: Yenaaytho? Neenu kudidubitya?? Saaraayina??

Yenkey: Che.. Che.. Illaapa. Naanu kudidilla. Adyeenaaythu andhre... Day before yesterday, One huge fellow, Full Kudidubittu TIGHT aaghoogiddha man! Sikkaapatte Theelaadthidda...


Yenkey: Hoon kano.. But full kelu.. Day before yesterday.. obba huge man full tightaagi theelkondu namma mane mundhe bandhu biddhoogbitta!!! He fell down in front of our house!!.. In front of the GATE kano!

Ayekey: Lo.. Saaku nilso ninna purana... Aaythu bidappa.. Eegenu?? Nimma manege, we should not come... Ashte thaane??? Sari bidu.. Baralla.. Eega REEL creationa STOP maadu...

Yenkey: Illa kano... Illi keelu... Day before yesterday, obba huge man full tightaagi theelkondu namma mane mundhe bandhu biddhoogbitta!!! He fell down in front of our gate man!

Idannella keelthaa iddha yella friendsgu sikkaapatte uridihoogitthu.. people had got frustrated by the puraNa of Yenkey! Aaga, Gijey's superb sense of humour sprang out... Yenkey was repeating same thing again and again to prove that the AREA in which he stays was not so good for girls during evening times bcoz of drunkards.... :D

Yenkey: Illa kano... Illi keelu... Day before yesterday, obba huge man full tightaagi theelkondu namma mane mundhe bandhu biddhoogbitta!!! He fell down in front of our gate man!

Gijey: Houdhappa... Yaaro biddru.. nimma GATE mundhe.. Aaga Nammma Yenkey yeenmaadthane?? Yenkey hoogi, yaarappa adhu biddavaru antha Nodoke, Biidiro aa persona thale yetthi noodthaane...!! NODADRE YAARU!!!....?!!!? !! NAMMA YENKEY AVARA APPANA FRIENDU !!! Alweno Yenkey...?? Nimmapana Frienda Avanunu??? :D

Ayekey and others: Ha ha ha !!

Gijey's super sense of humour made our Yenkey shut his mouth that day!! But my dream of seeing his house-on-hillock remained still as a desire! :D .. We thought, from that day onwards, Yenkey will stop telling that "Avaru nammappana Friendsu." .. "Ivaru namma brother friendsu" etc etc antha... But we later got to know what we had thought was wrong.. He continued to say "Avaru nammappana friendu" for everyone including some famous celebrities.! It was a never ending story! After this, we also got to know that Yenkey had done all this to hide his "house-on-hillock" reel... ! (by avoiding others to reach his home as they might find out the facts!)

Next: Yenkey and the famous celebrities!


Sac said...

Hehehe...Super maga abhi..

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what happened next?? why did u that ayekey interrupted yenkey so many times???

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