Thursday, May 17, 2007

Adventures of Yenkey - 8

Nike Girl Flashback!
Yenkey and Tanky!

Rating : Rated 'R' for explicit language at some places

Ooof! We were tired of getting fooled by Yenkey's Reels. So it was high time that we fooled him. To do this, we thought we should be first having a superb plan. This was the time when we caught hold of one of his friend since his PUC times, Dikky.
Dikky explained us about one of Yenkey's crushes during his PU days! Her name was Tanky! Ofcourse, her pet name was Tanky. This again has a small flashback.
The girl had her own reasons to make even Gays fall for her. The unique property was this. Everytime she wore a T-Shirt with the prestigious NIKE Logo on her chest, it would automatically turn in to another prestigious logo, of the McDonalds due to the curves!
Here is the figure to explain it to u! This was the reason she was called as Tanky(bcoz of her Tankers) with love!
Oh.. Wow.. So yenkey had a crush in his pre university days! We had by this time, decided to use this somehow to FOOL yenkey BIGTiMe!
The next step was to collect information about what was the interaction level between Tanky and Yenkey! We later found out that, they had lost touch after PU days! But Tanky still remained in the heart of Yenkey somewhere.
The plan that struck us was this: Make Yenkey believe that, Tanky met Dikky yesterday and she asked very much about Yenkey! This would make Yenkey fall for the prank. Further, the idea was to give Dikky's cousin sister's mobile no. as Tanky's number and tell him that Tanky asked him to contact her as soon as possible!

DID Yenkey fall for the PRANK ?? Dont miss the mega twist in tmrw's episode!! Enjoy it on Yenkey 9 tmrw!![Sorry friends, couldnt continue this episode today as I got to sleep now!]


Anonymous said...

yen curves guru..
aa hudugina nodbekalla!!
atleast her curvesu!

Anonymous said...

nice curves...:)good talent yankey du...

Raman's Blue Net said...

Nice Suspense At The End..............

Waiting For YANKEY 9 Episode......

Bega update Maadu Guruve........

Apoorva said...

Yako nilisbittidya...???

tanky prank ge yenkey bidna...???

su said...

today i gotta knw yu can be a grt director,writter,critic :) awesome!!