Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Adventures of Yenkey - 7

Yenkey gets induced to IEEE:
Yenkey's Ahankaara Matta!

Before I start off with this episode, let me clarify one thing to many of the readers out there. IEEE stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. , is the world's leading professional association for the advancement of technology. In our college, we had a small student chapter of IEEE. We called it as IEEE-UVCE!

There were great people behind its existence like the branch counselor himself (head)! Great andre, in the lighter sense...of course!

Though there were some interesting activities going on in it, it remained to be a timepass thing for many in the college.. Yenkey, had no choice... but to join this student chapter as he always presumed to know such hi-quality organization names and chiefs of such organizations!(appana friendsu)... He also wanted to pull some more people in to it..( Registration fees was very high for us! )
Now coming back to the ADVENTURE!....

Yenkey's membership in to IEEE-UVCE, made his head lift up with full ego.

Yenkey: Hey.. Classalli ivatthu yenu lesson maadadro ?

Ayekey: Yaako baralilla..? Super lesson ittu.. full of comedy!

Yenkey: Haagella barakke aagalla... IEEEli thumba kelasa itthu..
(this was when yenkey was just a member)

Ayekey: Nanagee heelthiya kelasa antha? Alli hudugira jothe chatting continiousaagi maadthaa iddiddanna, we all saw maga!
Today gothaaythu, why you joined IEEE antha...

Yenkey: Illa kano.. IEEE andre onthara Prestigeu, Levelu iratthe..

Ayekey: Thu.. yen levelo... alli coffee lota clean maadthidde avattu!

Yenkey: IEEE member andre internals testalli full out of out!

Ayekey: Internalsalli out of out!... Examalli Theelu!

Yenkey: IEEE power ninage gothilla... Join aagu neenu...

Ayekey: Naanu join aagdhene, join aagirorigintha olle kelasa maadtheeni hogo!

Yenkey: That's also good! But member aadre Card kodthaare, id kodthaare, Spectrum magazine kodthaare.. etc

Ayekey: Adella hegu nanage Artha aagalla kano... Dont worry maadkobeda.. Nobody will join.. and first of all, naanu kooda join aagalla adakke!

At this time, a few girls came near him and commanded!!
Girls: LEy Yenkey, bega hogi letter type maadu.. illenu blade haakthaa idiya!?

We all were shocked... Some unknown girls from other class knew about yenkey already and they were commanding him!

Ayekey: Avarella, seniorsa???

Yenkey: Illa namma batchu!

Ayekey: Ninna Levelu avarigu gothaagoytha?? Alli yeneenu REEL bitte?

Yenkey: Yeenilla.. Friendshipge command maadadru.. Avarella nanage chennaagi gothu!

Ayekey: Sari.. Hoogi avarige ninna SEVE maadu.. servant thara...

Gijey: Servant tharana..? Servente kano.. Hogappa yenkey.. Letter type maadu cyber centrege hogi!

Ayekey: Hoon.. adyaavdhu leave lettero/love lettero irbeku.. pampleta?

Yenkey: Heyy.. Aanmele maathaadona.. Girls yella karadru.. So I have to go.. Urgent kelasa idhe! bye

Ayekey: Naavu lab-ge hoogthaa idivi baa... lets go together...

We all went together to the computer lab... In the Computer lab, we had to follow some rules like leaving our footwear, bags etc outside the lab. One attender who used to always speak softly used to sit there to look after this practice.
Yenkey rushed inside as though he had to send a letter to Bill Gates. He had to show us some level of IEEE member.. Within a second, he was rushing to enter the lab with his footwear on his feet and bag on his back, with full of sweat on his face!

Attender: Ree... Ree .. Yenri... Olle Gooli nuggida haage nugtheera...?

Ayekey to other friends: Nodrappa.. Eega maja shuru!

Attender: Kaansalwa kannu? Board haakirodhu? LEave ur footwear antha?

Yenkey: Haan? Footweara? .. Hmmm.. (In full tension, to maintain level inspite of getting scoldings form attender,) Naanu IEEE !!

Attender: Adenadu? Ninna hesaryaaru keeliddhu...

Yenkey: Haagalla.. Naanu IEEE member.. Nanna hesaru Yenkey

Attender: UVCE collegenavanu alwa neenu ?? IEEE collgea? Ilyaake bande.. Adhu gooli niggida haage nugthidiya? ID CARD kodu! Complain maadbeku

Yenkey: Naanu UVCE studentu.. Namma community hesaru IEEE-UVCE. Nanage urgent kelasa idhe.. Adakke olage hoodhe.

Attender: Ree... Adakke.. Footwear bicchbittu hoogri.. Thale sari ilwa nimage? Yen dodda manushyaru andkondubittidaare!

Ayekey, Gijey and friends: Hee Hee... super dialogue saar!

Yenkey: Ok... (removes his footwear, submits ID card and keeps his bag outside.. and then saw us and told,) Ivarige IEEE andhre yenu anthaane gothilla! IEEE member andre LEVELe bere!

Ayekey: Howdhu.. FULL LEVELe BERE! Neevu type maadakke hoogi hudugira jothe! ha ha

Heege Yenkeya ahankaara matta aadro kooda, JATTIge meese mannaglilla annohaage, he continued to do the same thing!

What does Yenkey achieve as an IEEE member? What does yenkey do when all friends together go for a long trip?
Watch out for next episode yenkey 8... (tmrw)


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Mana maryaade hooythallapa!

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Well all the while i was wondering whom ur talking about..I guess i have an answer now..

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Well all the while i was wondering whom ur talking about..I guess i have an answer after reading this..

Abhishek said...

may i know who is this plz?

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Man, he is simply great !!!! ;-)

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Yenkay said...

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