Monday, May 14, 2007

Adventures of Yenkey - 6

Yenkey and the Cricket matches
Yenkey tries to hype his image!
Yenkey comes back after the weekly off! So lets first welcome him back! :)

Yenkey had already told many things related to cricket. In the previous episodes Yenkey had told about Kumble, Venkatesh Prasad etc. Now it was the time for selection of players for our own college! Our college team had mostly seniors .They wanted to select one or two juniors. So entries were open for registration.

Ayekey: Lo.. Yaarappa namma batchinda cricketer aagodhu?

Yenkey: Naanilva alli! Nanna select maadlebeku...

Ayekey: Ninna bidu... Select maadlebeku avaru!

Yenkey: Ya Ya.. I had played for State level in school!

Ayekey: State levela? Yenanna aadiddhe? Kunte bille na?

Yenkey: Alla cricketu... Iam a cricket player. I want to play for our college also. But there is a problem.

Ayekey: Yenappa adhu.. madhyadalli ?

Yenkey: Namma appa bidalla kano. He told that I have to come among top 5 in the class to get in to cricket team. Namma annanu superb circket player. Namma Anna thumba strongu. Illi nanna kayyi nodu heege idhe strongaagi.... Namma annana kayyi idakkintha strongu...

Ayekey: Kallena?? Size kallo.. Jelly kallo...? or ..... ?

Yenkey: Kallene kano.. Full strong stone thara idhe... Besides, namma Anna was a wicket keeper in the team! He is very fast you know!!

Ayekey: Bedwa mathe... ..

Yenkey: He was so fast that, sometimes he used to knock off the bales on the wicket with his knees and used to appeal for bowled!
He used to be so fast that umpire never used to get to know that and he used to raise his finger.

Ayekey: Yaava Fingeru?? Middle fingera ? :D :D ... ? Yaavdaadru childge heelu hoogu ee sathyana... Naaanu sutthi sutthi susthaagidheeni, reelna!

Yenkey: Forefinger maga.. Illi keelu! full storyna..

Ayekey: Nanna kivi (ears) yeshtu punya maadittho...! heeluvanthavaraagi!

Yenkey: Namma anna dint top in one of the semesters ondhu saarthi!!

Ayekey: Dumki hodadna?

Yenkey: Illa illa.. pass aada... top maadlilla ashte. So nammappa told him to stop playing for his college!!

Ayekey: Super.. Sadhya... Aamele team gellakke shuru maadtha?

Yenkey: Illa... adhu bidu... Eega naanu should play for my college and i should make sure that i would be in that top 5!

Ayekey: Neenu TOP 1 bido.. Classnalli alla.... In the whole college!! Reel Bidodralli!
Addu biddhe guruve!

Yenkey: Udhaara aagu! :D

NEXT: Yenkey, the IEEE king!


Anonymous said...

Cool ...........

James Bond said...

Aamele Cricket teamge join aadna namma yenkey?
and what happnd there?
did he hit 6 sixers in single ball?

what is IEEE?

Nikki said...

Paapa yenkey............
What is he doing now?

rekha said...

finally climax yenappa.. is he planning for next world cup athava he is still struggling to be in top 5

Apoorva said...

so yenkay is also a state level criket player.........!!! he,he,he...