Thursday, May 17, 2007

Coming Soon.. Ayekey's Days

Hi Friends,

After the success of Yenkey's Adventures, Iam planning to start a new series called as Ayekey's Days.. ( I know you would relate this to Malgudi Days!)..
This is would be a mixture of typical experiences everyone would have had during their college times, but again .... told as a story, episode with lots of fun!

Iam sure you would have great fun with it too as you had with yenkey! Meanwhile, Yenkey character wont die, it would also continue to survive with its classic reels...

I repeat again... Yenkey series wont be stopped so soon.. there are lots of very funny things about the character to be told!

Ayekey's Days series will start very soon (in a month or so)..

Enjoy waiting,
Abhishek S N

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